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Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw)

Question of the day:
Woman crush Wednesday is a thing on Instagram. My question: is this only for straight girls? Like, as a bi girl in a committed relationship, does that mean I’m actively trying to pursue a woman, and since I’m actually attracted to them (totes homo) instead of pretend (I love you no homo), does that mean I shouldn’t participate?

Whatcha think, Tumblr?







Rape, By The Numbers.

everyone needs to see this graphic



I linked this to my guy friends who always use the excuse of “What about the false reports? It’s not fair that innocent men are accused of a crime they didn’t commit”

2 out of 1000. 0.02% Of all rapes are false.

note that this figure is lower than the vast majority of other crimes, not higher as many men like to believe.

(Source: theenlivenproject)

I don’t understand why people get so upset at being told they have privilege.


Being privileged doesn’t make you a bad person, denying your privilege does.
Having privilege doesn’t mean that your life is sunshine and rainbows. It means that society favors people like you.
Your personal experiences do not erase your privilege.
Don’t be upset about being told you are privileged, be upset that the things systematically given to you are denied from others.


Why use the term "Sex Work" instead of prostitution?


"The morally charged term, “prostitution”, has been associated with deviance, corruption and criminality, and still is today.

The use of the terms like “prostitution” and “prostitute”, restrict a person’s identity to the activities she engages in. The negative labels or words like “prostitute” and “whore” reduce a person to one dimension: engaging in sexual activities for money.

Sex workers need these activities to be defined as work, because they view their occupation as an activity that generates income.

Using the term sex work therefore helps draw a distinction between the economic activity and the person’s identity.

Who sex workers are should not be confused with the work that they practice. Sex workers are much more than the work that they do, just like other human beings!”


Please click on the link, and you’ll find great answers to these other 13 questions relating to Sex Work:

2) What do Sex Workers do?

3) Why do Sex Workers do this work?

4) Is Prostitution legal in Canada?

5) What do Sex Workers agree or refuse to do?

6) Are Sex Workers under the control of pimps?

7) Do Sex Workers have a love life?

8) Do Sex Workers discuss their work with their family and friends?

9) Have Sex Workers been sexually abused during childhood?

10) Do Sex Workers do drugs?

11) Are Sex Workers vulnerable to HIV?

12) What impact does Sex Work have on the health of Workers?

13) What do Sex Workers need?


There are some very good points and facts that are brought to light in this article. The more you know, the more you understand. The more you understand, the more you can help and the more confidence you’ll have to tear down the uneducated biases that others are trying to hold us down with.

They shame one, they shame us all.

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